Tuesday, February 10, 2009

No, I haven't forgotten...

...just been real busy these days. In addition to work, there's the church website that needs updating, trying to get my Flickr page to show a decent slideshow, and a taking a crash course in editing and uploading videos to the web. Speaking of which - check out Ethan...found him on YouTube...

I remember that look...AND that sound...my own kids used to make that sound. Loved to hear it even back then...but it was usually a precursor to learning that it was definitely time to take a nap - a "baby meltdown" usually ensued.

He's just TOO cute! Whenever I've been in a bad mood this week, this video puts a smile on my face! BTW - if I ever meet Ethan - remind me to NEVER let him near my newspaper until I've read it, OK?

Like the new Diva icon? Didja see it up there, top left? That's me on a good hair day and in my favorite clothes (if I could, I'd wear jeans every day)! Check it out (the icon, I mean) when you come visit - I'll be trying out different outfits from time to time, and mebbe even different hairstyles.

Want to try it yourself? Go to blessthischick.com and play for a while! And once you create your "diva", drop me a message and show her off!!

toodles, darlin'! Hope to have some eye candy for you real soon!

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