Monday, December 28, 2009

The Pink Glove Dance

Thanx, Lynne, for making my day!

I hear that once the vid receives 1 million hits, there's a big donation to breast cancer research watch, and pass it on to other folks...

God Bless the folks at Providence St. Vincent's and at Medline!!

(and especially the dude w/ the mop toward the end gettin' jiggy wit' it!)

Friday, October 23, 2009

All the Single Babies...

I'm sorry.
I couldn't resist.

you know me...

Poly clay projects coming soon, I promise! Been busy mixing colors, cutting, baking and refining! Getting ready for Christmas craft shows!

Oh, yeah - there's the matter of that bracelet for Sheri...

Ciao for now...

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Health Care Debate - Now Physically Dangerous?

So I'm getting ready for bed last night and kinda listening to MSNBC with one ear, when I hear about this part-time Census worker named Bill Sparkman that was found hung from a tree in Kentucky with the word "Fed" written on his chest. No word as to whether it was written on a piece of paper, on his shirt, or on his skin - and how...

So this gets my attention. One, 'cause I just happen to be a Fed.

And two, I just happen to occasionally leave my office and go out there amongst the public doing my Fed thing - on behalf of the American people.

And it's possible that one of those people seem to be fairly pissed off at those who are working on their behalf.

I've been pretty perturbed about the public discourse climate that's seemed to take over during the past 9 months or so...and some of the comments I've received about our new political situation from a few folks I know that seem to be otherwise rational people... and the latest vitriol spewing forth from all angles because of the health care debate.

And now, all of this anti-government craziness may have roiled to the surface in some one's brain and may have convinced them that it was "OK" to take this guy out because of the work he does - on behalf of the American people. Not that THAT'S anything new - been alot of examples in the news lately of what happens when someone disagrees with another's views or actions. And on top of all that, I search the Web for more info - not a whole lotta news out there about Mr. Sparkman. In a town FULL of Feds.

But it makes one wonder, doesn't it? As a Fed, am I now the "enemy"?

Could it be that all of the hate that's been thrown out there has finally claimed a victim? It seems that there's a small minority of folks that have hijacked this issue and taken it way beyond the valley...and facts be damned.

And COULD IT BE that those who throw out out this hate for political purposes - or for other purposes - have finally had a chicken or two come home to roost - in the form of a single person taking their words so seriously that they decided someone had to DIE...because of lies, fabrications and untruths?

Death Panels?
Keep Your Hands Off My Medicare?

One fact is that we are in dire need of some serious health care reform. And one more a nation of so-called believers - what happened to taking care of "the least of these"? There's gotta be a way to fix the system we have now...shouldn't the health of everyone be one of those "inalienable rights"? If the USA is truly #1, shouldn't we be #1 where it really counts, on caring for our people? What good is it that we can kick some other country's butt in a New York minute - but can't take care of our own??

And so, this morning, here comes Tim to my rescue - to make me laugh with this vid. Thanks, friend.

So consider this my lil' protest on this issue. If we're gonna be angry, let's make sure the anger's pointed in the right direction, shall we? And can we be honest with ourselves about the issue and try to figure out a sane way to get out of this mess.

And Mr. Sparkman? God's blessings on you and your family. Doing the People's business shouldn't have to be that hard.

Friday, July 31, 2009

Not Totally Gone - just been busy... case you're wondering...

Life has just been kinda crazy lately, that's all. Now that we have a full house it's not been easy finding time to sit and play with the clay. But I have been working with it the past few days, and came up with a rather nice cane, if i do say so myself... hopefully I'll be able to upload a few photos soon. I also found out that I can now use my Yahoo Avatar in a non-Yahoo website or blog! So what you see on the top left is probably the closest you're gonna get to an actual photo of moi...

(truth be told, the avatar looks MUCH better than I do in real life...)

There was a recent meeting of the International Polymer Clay Guild, and two of my favorite clay artists (Cristi Friesen and Lisa Pavelka) are now featured on a YouTube vid that's making the rounds in the clay community...pretty funny stuff - if you're a polymer clay person! I've written about Christi (left) in a previous post...Lisa (right) you've probably seen on HGTV on the Carol Duval Show...or mebbe as a body double for Julia Roberts. Here 'tis...

Have a great weekend - will be back soon!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Playing for Change

In order to stop feeling sorry for ourselves, sometimes we just gotta start thinking about others, knowhutimean? ONCE AGAIN, another friend unwittingly has come to rescue me from this funk... and for a pretty good cause.

Ever heard about Playing for Change? I just learned of it today. It's a movement aspiring to bring about world peace thru music. On the official website, the founder, Mark Johnson, writes that “the idea for this project arose from a common belief that music has the power to break down boundaries and overcome distances between people. No matter whether people come from different geographic, political, economic, spiritual or ideological backgrounds, music has the universal power to transcend and unite us as one human race.”

True dat. Be it from a world-wide perspective … or even just between two people. And with all of the stuff going on in the world right now, isn't it kinda nice to be able to know that we at least have this in common? Playing for Change has been working thru music to make things better for people that don't have a lot in their lives. I find that pretty cool.

One of my absolute favorite songs of all time is “One Love” written by Bob Marley. This is a version of that song that just sends chills up my spine everytime I hear and see it! Take a listen – you’ll see what I mean.

Wander ‘round the site and take a closer look and a listen. Then DO something to help make things better for someone else out there.

Me? I’ve joined the group…gonna go look for this CD/DVD this weekend…and you’ll see more about this movement in this blog in the future.

Lynne – thanks again for sharing, gurl...

Monday, June 8, 2009

My First Rant...

If you consider yourself anti-religious, then don't read this post. If you consider youself a very very religious person, mebbe you don't want to read this post either.

I'm feeling just a teeny bit raw about matters and issues of faith recently...

how folks sometimes use their faith to beat up on others that don't believe or behave EXACTLY as they do....or how others think that those of us who do have a belief system are stupid with mush for brains...or a coupla other things that I don't have time nor the emotional energy to get into in this posting.

I believe that God gave us such a thing as free will. We are free to make decisions about all kinds of things - including how we interpret His word and how we live according to it... or even if we believe in Him or not. Our choice. Our decisions. And our consequences to deal with when it all comes out in the wash. I'm not gonna damn anyone for what they do or don't believe. But please...don't damn me about what I believe to be true, and what helps me get thru this thing called life.

I was watching TV a few days ago and came across this popular news/entertainment program...the host is a very funny guy, but SO dismissive of believers. on to another channel. I've got family members who sometimes seem to go thru crisis after crisis, but try to mention how faith might help...well, then risk being ignored or getting your head bitten off because you're trying to force religion down someone's throat.


God sustains me.

Lately, that's how I roll.

I got this vid thru an e-mail this morning. It kinda captures what I've been thinking about this thing. Thougt I'd share it with you.

Ciao for now...

Sunday, May 17, 2009


I hate getting sick.

This time last year was kinda heinous healthwise - was getting over a massive case of pneumonia last May - this year it's the pollen that's got me down. Usually pollen counts of 2,000 are enough to send me to my bed and to the doctor...this year we had a few 4,000 pollen count days in the DC area...and of course, my body responded accordingly. Which was kind of ironical, in a way - all the sneezing, hacking, and coughing was going on during the height of the "swine flu" scare. (b the looks on their faces, no one would believe me!!)


I won't gross you out w/ all the ugly details, but suffice it to say that I spent about a week at home trying to regroup. I'm just now beginning to get my nose - and my voice - back to normal. On top of all that, I found out I've got a couple of discs that are acting I've made the acquaintance of an ortho surgeon and a physical therapist - both very nice people, BTW...

But God's good - and I've found that any day above ground is a good day. I'm back at work now, but during that week at home I didn't even touch my clay stash. So, no new photos of new Diva creations to show you today...

But now I have to touch my clay stash. My most recently-born moved back home in April - and the firstborn is moving back home next week. It's all Kool and the Gang with me, because I know that times are HARD out there for young folks trying to get established in their careers and having to deal with this economic downturn. I'm thankful we have a place for them to come back home to.

But I am kinda bummed - because I'm losing my "studio".

I've spent this weekend going thru all my "stuff", sorting out what I need to keep and what can be given away. I've moved my workspace down into my dining room, and so far it's looking relatively presentable - but I can't make any promises that it'll stay that way. Just posted a long list of crafting supplies on the local Freecycle Group - SOMEONE out there is going to work with kids or seniors this summer and can probably use some of that "I just gotta have it" stuff that I never used. And if I can keep it out of a landfill somewhere, all the better.

Now that the new workspace is functional, mebbe there'll be some new stuff to show off in the near future. Oh, yeah - played around with a new avatar, and posted new stuff on the daily reading list - go check it out...

ciao for now, bebe...

Monday, April 13, 2009

You make me feel like dancin'....

Can't help myself - got a case of happy feet....again!!

Have a great day!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Nature or Nurture?

I read an article last month on how many of today’s daughters tend to go into fields reflecting their father’s professions. In our family this has proven to be true…my husband is in civil engineering and real estate; our most-recently born? an intern architect.

More recently, I was reflecting on the type of things women pass on to daughters – not the things we consciously teach them, but those skills and interests we’re delighted to find they possess when they’re all grown-up and independent. The thing I’ve seen in my own daughter lately is that creative/crafty streak.

When she was small, there WAS a lot of sewing, ceramic painting or cross-stitching goin’ on in the house. Thinking back to my mom, I can remember that she was into sewing, cake decorating, crocheting and knitting…I can even remember her creating sugar paste Easter eggs.

Did the crafty gene rub off? Perhaps – my mom used to make things to relax – I find myself doing the same thing, just using different materials.

Recently I’ve had a chance to take a look at some of the things my own child has done – after taking up crocheting in college, she’s getting really good at creating
amigurmi critters. She’s recently acquired a sewing machine and is NOT afraid to use it. There's some really neat photos she's taken and had enlarged. There’s also some talk about antique furniture being refinished.

She says she likes to do these things - finds them relaxing, she says.


Most of all, it’s the whole thing about being PAID to design buildings that I’ve been most impressed with. How COOL is that?

Carma, I’m supremely proud of you, gurl (‘course you already know that). Keep pressing – you’re gonna be a great architect one day real soon. And keep doin’ yer thing with the yarn and fabric and sharing the results with the rest of the world!

Eye candy for this week? This is from Gera Scott Chandler of British Columbia, Canada.


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Contain Yourself, Madam!

Sorry – couldn’t resist…

Still not spending as much time playing with clay as I’d like to, but wanted to show you a few of the things I’ve had a chance to work on.

These are my first attempts at inro boxes – lil' tiny boxes strung with leather or I made these from Premo clay. The leaf inro is gold, and the art deco face inro is a bronze color, mixed from gold and a lil' green and black.

I understand that inro are Japanese in nature, and were created as containers that hung from a traditional kimono obi (no pockets, dontcha know…). Back in the day, they may have held medicines…or maybe snuff…today they could hold medicine, or money, or special messages - or any kind of itty bitty treasure. I think I’ll just keep mine empty for now.

I’ve seen inro made by other polymer clay artists and have been very impressed. But nothing compares to the inro on display at the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco…AWESOME stuff! Had a chance to visit there a few years ago - if you get a chance, go check it out...

Another thing I’ve made is this mosaic paper maché box – this one is made from ultramarine and gold Premo clay. Not a great photo, but I like the play of these two colors together.

And finally, here’s some covered clay pens – I used pearl Premo tinted a smidge with orange, alizarin crimson, cadmium yellow and ultramarine blue. I LOVE the effects you can get with pearalized clay, manipulated properly. Once these were sanded down and buffed up, they all looked absolutely gorgeous! They may look kinda cool here, but you should see them in person – I think they’re rather stunning, if I do say so! The coolest thing about THESE pens? they're refillable!

Well I’m off to the West Coast in a few days – Holly, I’m heading your way with a few sparklies – hope you’re able to come out and play!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Germany and the Lil' Fishies

I know what you’re thinkin’ 'bout this title… now that’s just a strange combination. I'll tell you in a minute...

So what’s the Diva been doing lately? Clay’s had to take a back seat for a lil’ while longer. In my few spare moments I’ve been working on mixing custom clay colors and making chips for my clay recipe reference pages. So far I’ve got three color pages pinned down – hopefully this will show up as more vibrant-looking work in the future. Gotta tell you, though, mixing miniature color samples by hand has proven to be a real pain in the…fingers…

I’ve been going thru some of my earlier pieces and hope to have a few more photos for you in the near future. Meanwhile, above is some eye candy by German artist Margit Bohmer , reminiscent of those paper beads we used to make as children.

Finally – I’m kind of a closet tropical fish person. Very relaxing to me – gazing at colorful lil’ fishies flitting here and there. When I was a kid my family lived in West Berlin, Germany where my dad was stationed in the Air Force. He was the fire chief at the Templehof Air Force Base way back in the late 60’s. While there, we had a nice aquarium at home, and there was small koi pond just outside the front door of the firehouse.

So in honor of the lil’ fishies of my youth, I wanted to share another plaything with you – you’ll find it on the left of this page. You can customize the number and color of the fish as well as the color of the food. Have fun feeding them by clicking somewhere on the blue area. The resulting lil' green specs? Lunch!!
Want your own fish for your own blog? Click on the "AB" on the top left of the fish graphic and pay him a visit - cool stuff at his site!!

Ta for now –

Monday, March 2, 2009

Snow Day!!

This is what six inches of snow looks like. (check out the table on the right)

We've only had about two inches this year - thought we weren't going to have any more than that. But I've been wearing my snowflake earrings (thanx, Kathy!) and hoping for one "REAL good snow" before spring arrived ... this'll do. Very cool-looking this morning - as a transplanted Yankee, there's a special place in my heart for the white fluffy stuff. And right now it looks especially nice because the snow has stopped and the sun is peeking in and out of the clouds.

What was NOT cool was the power outage earlier this morning - woke up 'bout 1 am and noticed that it was extremely quiet - and dark - and took PEPCO about three hours to restore power to the neighborhood. Inside the house - quite chilly...outside - awfully pretty, even without moonlight.

Got a two-hour delay to report to work today - but since I know how Washingtonians behave on the highways in the snow - I think I'll just be safe, take a day of annual leave, stay right here and play with some clay for awhile.

Or mebbe I'll do something else - like laundry, some dusting, my reading assignment, shovel some snow...

(oh,who am I kidding?)

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Cristi Friesen and a Bad Hair Day..., not Christi's hair - I'm talkin' 'bout my own...

Christi Friesen is a fabulous polymer clay artist with a slightly twisted sense of humor and a wonderful easy-breezy teaching style. I would love to have a chance to take a class from her! I’ve read pretty much all of her books and I am a constant lurker in her Yahoo group. I’m fascinated with how she makes creating with clay SO easy! She’s really fond of critters – and in one of her recent books entitled Cats, she shows how to create clay cats of all kinds - large and small. Besides - I understand she accepts chocolate as tribute from her students ... as a Godiva Chocolate gurl, I totally understand!! Check out her website - TONS of great eye candy in there!

Being a Leo, I’m quite fond of lions. This one is my first attempt at making one – I call it “Bad Hair Day”. Those who know me can attest that I have many of those…bad hair days, not lions. The piece is about 4” across – right now it hangs on the wall of my studio...

(ahem…the room previously known as my daughter’s room).

I’ve also uploaded a few more photos – a couple more leaf pins, and a few examples of the art doll angels I made for my office mates for Christmas. Feel free to go to my Flickr page to take a look. Check out the slide show on the left...

Ta for now – I’m off to watch the Oscars!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

No, I haven't forgotten...

...just been real busy these days. In addition to work, there's the church website that needs updating, trying to get my Flickr page to show a decent slideshow, and a taking a crash course in editing and uploading videos to the web. Speaking of which - check out Ethan...found him on YouTube...

I remember that look...AND that own kids used to make that sound. Loved to hear it even back then...but it was usually a precursor to learning that it was definitely time to take a nap - a "baby meltdown" usually ensued.

He's just TOO cute! Whenever I've been in a bad mood this week, this video puts a smile on my face! BTW - if I ever meet Ethan - remind me to NEVER let him near my newspaper until I've read it, OK?

Like the new Diva icon? Didja see it up there, top left? That's me on a good hair day and in my favorite clothes (if I could, I'd wear jeans every day)! Check it out (the icon, I mean) when you come visit - I'll be trying out different outfits from time to time, and mebbe even different hairstyles.

Want to try it yourself? Go to and play for a while! And once you create your "diva", drop me a message and show her off!!

toodles, darlin'! Hope to have some eye candy for you real soon!

Friday, January 30, 2009

One Incredible Lady - One REALLY cool piece of art...

I saw this mosaic piece on another blog this morning and was blown away - I had to share it with you. I'm a sucker for mosaics, and found this one particularly exceptional...

Ponsawan Sila is a polymer clay artist who lives in Indiana - I love her choices of color and her designs...and especially her willingness to share how she creates her work. I've been reading her blog for a few years now. You've really gotta check out her blog and see a closeup of the piece!!

About a year ago, Ponsawan came face to face with one of a parent's worst nightmares - her beautiful daughter Ada was in a horrific traffic accident - hit by a drunk driver - and has been battling back from a coma for many months now. Ponsawan has carefully chronicled the ordeal in a blog she calls Dear Ada - and while caring for her daughter she's still been creating with clay. She hasn't lost her touch - to me it seems that her work gets more beautiful with time!

I'm a firm believer in the power of prayer, and that God has a purpose for all of us. So if you will, please offer up a prayer for Ada, for Ponsawan, and their entire family - that His will be done, and that she continues to bring joy to so many others thru the work of her hands.

Ponsawan - you ROCK!! Keep doin' your thang, gurl!!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My sister...

I love my sister...

We don’t get a chance to see each other much. But when she comes to the DC area, she likes to look thru my “toys” and my “sparklies” to see what she can bring back home to Connecticut.

A few years ago I brought her over to the “dark side” by teaching her jewelry making. Gotta admit, I’m a bit jealous, because her designs and color combinations are WAY cuter than mine...

But I digress.

Over the holidays she came to visit and discovered my polymer clay addiction. She promptly went thru my stash of stuff and took a few of my creations home with her. Her co-workers liked what they saw and asked if there were any I sent her a box with some extra goodies – and got a request for a few more. Here’s some photos of stuff I’m sending off to the ol’ Nutmeg State in a few days…

And jus’ for fun – here’s a YouTube vid that’s had me laughing for a few days now. I’ve never been caught in a flash mob…but wouldn’t it be fun?

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I (heart) Obama!

This has been a most amazing day!

I'm having a hard time finding the words to express exactly how I feel about all the events transpiring around President Obama's inauguration. Like many, I watched the proceedings from my couch, with my coffee and fuzzy youngest, however, braved the cold and the crowd along with her boyfriend and a few others (oh, 'bout a million or so)...

It was a wonderful thing to see, and I'm guessing that this young man will be just the leader we need. God Bless ya real good, President Obama...I look forward to good things - for all of us - in the very near future.

Oh, yeah/ my experiments with the inks and translucents?


Obviously I should read a bit more before I attempt that again. I added the hot mess to my scrap clay heap, and took up another project, as you can see.

The latest copy of PolymerCafe has an article (and tute) by Dr. Ron Lehocky on his Hearts fundraising project. A very noble cause indeed. He began by talking about his need to use up the extra scrap clay and canes...

...well, of course I just glommed right onto that scrap clay thing. My scrap clay stash is almost large enough to sculpt a large German Shephard. And I have a hard time figuring interesting ways to get rid of all of it.

So what you see above are 21 hearts made of some of my scrap clay and scrap canes. Once I smooth them down with cornstarch and refine their edges, I'll bake, sand and buff 'em up. Valentine's Day is getting closer, and I'm sure the ladies at the office will tell me if they like them or not. We all gotta have a heart pin in our lives, don't we?

Friday, January 16, 2009


I've caved.

My family (especially my children) will either be very proud or chagrined that I've finally decided to start a blog. I suspect they'll also be coming in occasionally to see if I've written embarrassing things about them... oh, well.

My reason? I love reading other folk's poly clay blogs, marvel at all the wonderful eye candy, and am impressed that there are even a few artists that share my world view.

My plan is to show off my lil' polymer clay projects, share works and other things I find inspiring, and oh, yeah, occasionally fire off on things, people, circumstances that are workin' my last nerve. How often? I dunno - I guess I'll find a rhythm eventually...

I've been busy at my work table experimenting with ink and translucents - and I'm dusting off the ol' camera. So stay tuned. You never know WHAT you might find here!

- Cheryl