Friday, June 12, 2009

Playing for Change

In order to stop feeling sorry for ourselves, sometimes we just gotta start thinking about others, knowhutimean? ONCE AGAIN, another friend unwittingly has come to rescue me from this funk... and for a pretty good cause.

Ever heard about Playing for Change? I just learned of it today. It's a movement aspiring to bring about world peace thru music. On the official website, the founder, Mark Johnson, writes that “the idea for this project arose from a common belief that music has the power to break down boundaries and overcome distances between people. No matter whether people come from different geographic, political, economic, spiritual or ideological backgrounds, music has the universal power to transcend and unite us as one human race.”

True dat. Be it from a world-wide perspective … or even just between two people. And with all of the stuff going on in the world right now, isn't it kinda nice to be able to know that we at least have this in common? Playing for Change has been working thru music to make things better for people that don't have a lot in their lives. I find that pretty cool.

One of my absolute favorite songs of all time is “One Love” written by Bob Marley. This is a version of that song that just sends chills up my spine everytime I hear and see it! Take a listen – you’ll see what I mean.

Wander ‘round the site and take a closer look and a listen. Then DO something to help make things better for someone else out there.

Me? I’ve joined the group…gonna go look for this CD/DVD this weekend…and you’ll see more about this movement in this blog in the future.

Lynne – thanks again for sharing, gurl...

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