Thursday, September 24, 2009

Health Care Debate - Now Physically Dangerous?

So I'm getting ready for bed last night and kinda listening to MSNBC with one ear, when I hear about this part-time Census worker named Bill Sparkman that was found hung from a tree in Kentucky with the word "Fed" written on his chest. No word as to whether it was written on a piece of paper, on his shirt, or on his skin - and how...

So this gets my attention. One, 'cause I just happen to be a Fed.

And two, I just happen to occasionally leave my office and go out there amongst the public doing my Fed thing - on behalf of the American people.

And it's possible that one of those people seem to be fairly pissed off at those who are working on their behalf.

I've been pretty perturbed about the public discourse climate that's seemed to take over during the past 9 months or so...and some of the comments I've received about our new political situation from a few folks I know that seem to be otherwise rational people... and the latest vitriol spewing forth from all angles because of the health care debate.

And now, all of this anti-government craziness may have roiled to the surface in some one's brain and may have convinced them that it was "OK" to take this guy out because of the work he does - on behalf of the American people. Not that THAT'S anything new - been alot of examples in the news lately of what happens when someone disagrees with another's views or actions. And on top of all that, I search the Web for more info - not a whole lotta news out there about Mr. Sparkman. In a town FULL of Feds.

But it makes one wonder, doesn't it? As a Fed, am I now the "enemy"?

Could it be that all of the hate that's been thrown out there has finally claimed a victim? It seems that there's a small minority of folks that have hijacked this issue and taken it way beyond the valley...and facts be damned.

And COULD IT BE that those who throw out out this hate for political purposes - or for other purposes - have finally had a chicken or two come home to roost - in the form of a single person taking their words so seriously that they decided someone had to DIE...because of lies, fabrications and untruths?

Death Panels?
Keep Your Hands Off My Medicare?

One fact is that we are in dire need of some serious health care reform. And one more a nation of so-called believers - what happened to taking care of "the least of these"? There's gotta be a way to fix the system we have now...shouldn't the health of everyone be one of those "inalienable rights"? If the USA is truly #1, shouldn't we be #1 where it really counts, on caring for our people? What good is it that we can kick some other country's butt in a New York minute - but can't take care of our own??

And so, this morning, here comes Tim to my rescue - to make me laugh with this vid. Thanks, friend.

So consider this my lil' protest on this issue. If we're gonna be angry, let's make sure the anger's pointed in the right direction, shall we? And can we be honest with ourselves about the issue and try to figure out a sane way to get out of this mess.

And Mr. Sparkman? God's blessings on you and your family. Doing the People's business shouldn't have to be that hard.

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