Thursday, June 17, 2010

No PolyClay Stuff Today!

Well...mebbe in a a lil' bit...right now I wanted to share a few blogs with you that I plan to add to my reading list.

First - one of my co-workers is married to a wonderful writer - his wife Kristenn writes a blog that I love reading. Tim and his family have to be one of the most


young families


especially the munchkins...their oldest and I happen to share the same birthdate...and the youngest - well, she's such a girly-girl!

Thank you Tim & Kristenn, for sharing all the wackiness - the blog's a joy to ready and it always makes my day!

The second blog caught my eye - first because of the name, and second, because of the subjects. mymilktoof is such a cute and quirky blog! I THINK that ickle and Lardee are made of polymer clay - not quite sure...but I found them this morning while browsing a clay site...I think I'm gonna add them to my reading list for a minute...gotta watch and see what they do next!

What have I been doing? Well, been doing clay, but not well, that's for sure. Oh, yeah, I've TOUCHED the clay, but I went "beyond the valley" with the tissue blade ONE TOO MANY TIMES. Here's what happened when I created a few canes, made a few sheets, and then started cutting on what I thought would be a nice pin or pendant...take a look at that thing in the center...


Word of advice. When they tell you not to play with sharp things when you're not fully awake and focused ...they're right. That woulda been one UGLY pin! Fortunately there's enuf cane to make another attempt later on.

I've also been working with beads and crystals - made these bracelets last week - two will be donated as door prizes for an upcoming event, and one is for the first lady of a Baptist church in Leesburg, VA:

Explanation: it ain't always easy being a Pastor's wife. Taking care of the man who's charged with taking care of God's people can be a bit daunting. That's why I try to make it a habit to honor the first lady of the churches who come to visit our congregation. I make these bracelets for them to show these wonderful ladies that I appreciate them and I cherish every lesson that they've taught me.

Patience, longsuffering and graciousness are not always my strong suit. Many of these women have been great role models...and hopefully, when I grow up, I'll be able to be like many of them.

Ciao for now, bebe - this weekend I go to my poly clay play day in Annandale - I'll bring back something pretty!

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