Saturday, August 28, 2010

What I've been doing lately

I've been working on a few things...

First - remember that color class I wrote about a while ago? It was fun - three colors, four canes, and a lot of knowledge was gained! Lindley is a great teacher and very funny...and it was nice to hang around folks with the same obsession - if even for just a few hours...

Next - these projects are new and inspired by Laurie Mika - a mixed-media artist who works with polymer clay and found objects. She creates these AMAZING mosaic pieces...I can't get enough of her book "Mixed Media Mosaics" - so glad she created this how-to so the rest of us can learn!

Below are some photos of my first two attempts. I used acrylic paint inside and out. The polymer clay tiles were also painted, covered in Pearlex mica powder, stamped, or image-transfered. I even tried adding beads under a lil' resin. Tried sealing it all w/ a matte sealant, but found that it dulled my tiles made with gold leaf.

Hope you enjoy my lil' bit of eye candy!

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Alice Stroppel said...

These boxes are so cool. Love how neat you are and the colors.