Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Oh, My Hair!!

Sometimes I’m obsessed with my hair. Whether to flat-iron it, or twist it up, or curl it…I never seem to be satisfied with the way it looks. And I've found that my hair can be political – sometimes I feel like I’m more “acceptable” if it’s straight rather than in its natural state. People often tell me so. And way deep down, that irritates me, sometimes.

Lately I've been flat-ironing it - looks pretty good, actually, especially with the new cut. But yesterday I got caught in a rainstorm and all I could think about was getting to shelter - not to protect the clothes, but the hair...'cause it's not like I travel to work w/ a flat iron every day...and right now I'm working at a place where it's important to look "put together". Sheesh.

So sad. You’d think that in my 50’s, I’d finally be at peace with this whole hair thing…

But every now and then something comes along that reminds me that my hair is just great as it is – versatile, always wonderful, no matter the style and length…because I got it goin’ on like that!

Enjoy the vid…

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