Sunday, September 4, 2011

There's gonna be a wedding...

...sometime in the next 24 months. My daughter became engaged last month to a wonderful young man. The make a great team, compliment each other beautifully, and we're all looking forward to the events to come.

I, for one, am very happy for both of them...but I'm also wiggin' out! I have to remember two major things:
1) This is THEIR wedding.
2) I am NOT in charge of anything about it.

Having done the equivalent of the elopement thing when I got married over 30 years ago, I didn't do or have all of the fluffy "pretty-pretty princess" stuff that a regular bride has...and that was my choice at the time. I find myself now getting over-excited about the little the color of flowers, the many offerings for wedding favors, and so on.

Am I trying not to live vicariously?
You betcha. Trying REALLY hard.
Am I succeeding? well...

I kinda pride myself on not being that obnoxious, opinionated mother, and so far, so good. God bless 'em both, they've both been rather indulgent and have considered my suggestions...but I have to remind myself (on the daily) of the two statements above.

Meanwhile...I got ALL KINDS of stuff and ideas rolling around in my head! I will confess to having a folder on my laptop desktop of all the things I find on-line that I think they may want as part of their big day. One major thing that will probably stop me dead in my tracks, though, is how to pay for all of that stuff. Fortunately, both of them are very practical people, so they have no problem gently nudging me with "we'll consider it"... my husband, in the meantime, finds all this internal craziness on my part rather amusing. 
Bottom line - as long as the two youngun's indulge me, I'll keep offering my assistance. When they get tired of it, I'm sure they'll let me know.
Meanwhile...visions of party favors, pearls, ribbons, and pretty glittery stuff fill my thoughts...this is gonna be fun!
In the clay and crafty realm, I've uploaded photos of a few more things I've worked on this is an egyptian-style necklace fashioned after one found in the January 2011 issue of Bead Style magazine - turned out rather nice. I've also added two more mosaic boxes to the Flickr page as well. Go in and take a look at 'em, whydontcha?

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